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Planning a trip on a boat is not that simple. You will need to have all the information about and do a mischievous calculation of the expense. And then we will visit Samboat's website to get the correct information.

Plan your next trip

To get extremely positive emotions during a boat trip, it is important not to forget the basic rules: you will plan a trip and make a reservation in 1-2 days, because in summer, the motor boat rental and yacht charter service is very popular. And then listen carefully to the instructions and follow the rules, because the movement on the lake in summer is very busy. Don't forget to bring a hat and a cape or sweater, the climate on Lake Como is changing and the fresh water of the lake cools down even on a hot July day.

It is difficult to overestimate the romanticism, mystery and beauty of the night in any place. The city in the evening shines with a thousand lights with water lights. The rent a boat creates the ideal atmosphere for a date with a kindred spirit or a Christmas celebration.

For SamBoat, the rental is more focused

It is better to select cottages for summer and new year at least 6 months before the trip, but your party on a boat is not bad either. The most attractive options in terms of price and quality can already be taken in one year.

A boat is a fairly expensive pleasure to buy and service, so we think that only a person with a high income can afford a walk. But in reality, to feel like a captain of a boat, you can rent a boat for a relatively low price for a short period of time.

Boat rental is also offered by many specialized companies, including ours, which organizes sea holidays and offers a number of quality services.

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