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Luggages are not convenient while traveling, here is some solutions

Air tickets are getting cheaper, but paradoxically the cost of luggage has increased significantly. Now you have to be smart to avoid being trapped and pay additional baggage fees. It is not at all practical. Before boarding the plane for the holidays, here are some tips for traveling without checked luggage and without packing your luggage storage.

Limitations on hand luggage

The first thing to do: find out about the limitations on the size and weight of carry-on luggage. They can vary a lot from one company to another. After a period of laissez-faire on the low cost companies in particular, the rules have considerably hardened to soften a little bit recently. Other companies have opted for a policy that distinguishes between small and large hand luggage.

It's in the bag…

When is it better to roll your clothes? When is it better to fold them? It's more technical than it seems because it depends on a lot of parameters. There are also tools to compress the clothes of the pros travelers. Do not say more, read a previous article in the Magazine du Voyageur and the case is in the bag!

... or in the jacket

And if the solution for not paying extra baggage fees was a luggage jacket, with plenty of pockets everywhere? Societies have addressed this issue more serious and thorny than it seems. It came out, among others, the Stuffa Jacket (and its dozen pockets in the lining), or the Bagket, the bag that turns into a jacket, and then bagged again. Not very aesthetic but so practical!

Optimize your hand luggage, while respecting the weight and size limitations of different companies, to do without a baggage in the hold, it's quite an art. The seasoned passengers are used to it, but for the others, it is then necessary to know these few tricks.

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