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Luxury wine tourism in Bourgogne, discover THE Champagne !

France's overflowing with incredible heritage: stories, cultures, gastronomy, etc ... It fulfills all the requirements for an original and authentic trip. Paris is currently the destination for many people achieve their dream purely French as it is recognized as the city where anything is possible. But it is not only to provide thrills for tourists hungry for chic and luxury. Bourgogne also find him in the list of elegant cities of France. What makes it absolutely surprising is its wine production. Bourgogne is the place to go for a luxury wine tourism.

Champagne, Burgundy real wealth

Bourgogne is now entering the great French heritage. Indeed, UNESCO has recognized its potential wine which are the main reasons why tourists come in places. The hillsides, houses and champagne cellars are now tourist resources of the region. However, if you want to wine tourism, Burgundy opens its doors to discover its world famous champagnes.

If you love wine and champagne, Burgundy is for you. It gives you the opportunity to discover his perfectly free world in wine production. She is known worldwide for its fine wines and racy. Its quality, its flavor and consumability into global standards, it is for this reason that its expertise in viticulture remains incomparable. As complex as it is, the wine-growing is a passion in the region. Thirty the most expensive wine in the world belong to the production Burgundy. Practicing for centuries, it has become a land of tradition for wine. Thanks to the many wineries in Champagne to Burgundy, you will not have to go elsewhere to find out all the wine secrets. Burgundy is the Achilles heel of supermarkets, discover the best champagnes in the heart of the region. You will astonished wonders of this region. Also enjoy unique landscapes for unpublished pictures, historic sites, monuments, etc.

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