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Need to speak in French in Corsica ?

Travel in France in proper necessarily pass through Corsica is a beautiful island. Certainly, France has given some independence, but it is still a French island or French is the common language. Of course, it will move and go in order to benefit the many attractions that this island offers. Only, before you go, it will, above all, know well the subject of this island first.

A nice trip in Corsica

Corsica or Corsica is, above all, is a Mediterranean island that lies south of Nice and next to the Italian peninsula, as well as 14 km of the island of Sardinia. It is the fourth Mediterranean island Cyprus, Sicily and Sardinia. You will not find capital of Corsica during an exclusive travel in france, but we will find two prefectures namely Ajaccio and Bastia. Also, the assembly of Corsica will be on the first prefecture. The island of Corsica will therefore form two French departments namely the high Corsican who as head Bastia and southern Corsica having as main town Ajaccio. Although the mother tongue in all regions is not French, French is, of course, spoke at the tourism on the island.

What to see in Corsica?

You should know that Corsica has several interesting sights. While visiting one time will be quite difficult to truly enjoy the Corsica should be better come back several times. In all cases, it is possible to list the sites to see necessarily on the first trip. In this sense, therefore, it would be best to start with the south of Corsica with its marvelous places like Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio and Propriano. After that, we'll go on the west side of the island with Port Calvi, Ruddy Island or Saint Florent. After this, we go on the toe of Corsica is the Cap Corse. It looks very similar to Brittany. Of course, aside all these sites, Corsica is a very good alternative to hiking.

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