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Being a student in Bordeaux, the dream for every american !

Bordeaux is one of the cities of France that attracts more students. Some experts say that Bordeaux is one of the best destinations for students in Europe. The geographical location of the city, the spirit and culture of this city are assets that make it attractive, especially after American students.

Why study in Bordeaux when you’re American

Bordeaux is a city that have practically nothing to envy to the capital Paris. Besides being a tourist town, it has a cost of living lower than in Paris. Indeed, in recent years, the town is counting on new technologies, culture and sport. These development centers allow students but also young workers to easily integrate. In a world where new information and communications technology dominate, the city of Bordeaux gives them a prominent place. In addition, this city of France also attracts foreign students through its real estate. Bordeaux is full of many housing specially dedicated to students. This makes it quite easy for an American student to find accommodation. In addition, the cost of real estate is much lower than in the United States.

A tourist city for foreign students

Bordeaux is an urban area that combines both tourism and student life. Talking about Bordeaux tourism is talking about various monuments. You'll find among these monuments the Grand Theatre, the Place de la Bourse or the city of the wine. About wine, Bordeaux is known as the wine capital. Many places in the city are classified UNESCO heritage. Furthermore, the proximity to the sea and the mountain will make this city a perfect place for studying. In addition, for foreign students, most universities and schools of the city offers a sponsorship program. This allows foreign students to integrate better in the Bordeaux culture in particular, and French culture in general. They will easily learn French language and manners.

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