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Easy boat rentals in Greece

I’m guessing that you’re finding yourself in one of two positions. You either already have your eye on a vacation in Greece (whether you’re from here or just visiting) or you really have no idea of what to do this year for your vacation. Regardless of which position you’re in, I’m sure that rest and relaxation are at the top of your priority list such as a beautiful view of the water, a gentle peace and quiet that is only occasionally broken by the sound of small waves or the call of a native bird, no to do list, no rush, and no crowds. It is quite easy to rent a boat at your acquaintances whereby you have a multitudes of boat at your disposal.


If you’ve never considered a boat rental in Greece, now is the perfect time. Thanks to the gorgeous climate, sailing is an option year round which makes it the perfect vacation destination In summer, the dry hot days are cooled by seasonal winds called ’Meltemi’, while mountainous regions have generally lower temperatures.


Sailing in Greece can give you the possibility to admire many islands within a few days since almost all islands are set in complexes and distances between them are often small. So yes, you can reach in a week, several Greek islands or other coastal places that are not accessible by land.


Sailing in Greece is not just travelling to your destination. Sailing is enjoyment in journey itself. Sailing is not reserved only for few. It is affordable to everyone! Simply choose deluxe or budget sailing vacations, and decide the right destination for you.

Which boats to rent in Greece?

In Greece, opt to rent a monohull to tackle the many moorings with a certain comfort of navigation. Or promote the rental of a catamaran to benefit from anchorage stability, flat navigation and a shallow draft to go to remote areas. Moreover with the sunny weather of Greece, the catamaran will allow you to enjoy a little cool in the square located at the same level as the cockpit. For day trips, motorboat rentals are also ideal for more thrills and fresh winds

Finals thanks to a boat rentals greece, head for the Cyclades which bear the sweet name of the "Pearls of the Aegean". This archipelago located in the Mediterranean has 56 islands and offers a wealth of majestic landscapes characterized by the contrast of white houses and the blue of the sea. So it is possible for you to acquire a magnificent boat at affordable price.

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