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The beauty of the South-West coasts of France

France is a truly extraordinary country. In all its extremities, the tourist circuits abound and make the marvel of the tourists. But the southwest of the country is really one of the most appreciated corners.

A municipality that has its place among the others

More precisely, the commune of Biarritz is one of the tourist destinations appreciated during a trip in France. In this part of the Basque country there is no shortage of monuments. You should not limit yourself to the famous destinations that are Paris, Marseille, Monaco or others. For English travelers, for example, one must ask oneself "What things to do in biarritz". Activities abound during a visit to this region. Going through the beaches or lakes, not forgetting the wooded areas, everything you see is magical. Historic monuments are no longer equally to be despised. The city also has museums, theaters, restaurants able to compete with those of other cities of France. All these enchantments are amply enough to load the schedule of the vacationers.

A little overview of Biarritz

Here are some clues to allow travelers to get an idea of ​​what they will do once in the Biarritz area. In the first place, visiting the rock of the virgin is the first thing to do in this town. It is both a good excursion and a true admiration of the masterpieces of ancient times. Then, for the fanatics of naturalism, the Museum of the Sea is especially designed to admire the collections of animals and birds. One could also visit the Miremont pastry shop which dates from the nineteenth century during the monarchical period. There is also the Biarritz festival, which annually highlights the cinemas and cultures of Latin America for the distribution of awards. A small word also for the beaches which are the preferred destinations of tourists: the Great Beach, Miramar, the Old Port and many others are only waiting to be visited.

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