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The place to be for all Pro boarders

Being a French commune located on the seafront, more precisely on the coasts of the Atlantic Ocean, Biarritz always refers to the beach. This territory belongs to the department of Pyrénées-Atlantiques, in the region of New-Aquitaine. It is also located some twenty kilometers from the area that separates France and Spain. The town is best known for water sports activities including surfing.

Why surfing in particular?

Compared to the waves ending on the Cote d'Azur side, those on the coasts of Biarritz are rather violent. Certainly, in some parts of the coastal zone of the municipality, they are less aggressive and allow from time to time activities like bathing. But in general, the coastlines of Biarritz are ideal for surfing. That's why a lot of visitors to this territory come to practice or to learn surfing. But they do not need to bring all the equipment and surf equipment from home, one can easily find a biarritz surf rental. Indeed, several clubs like that of the beach of the Madrague, on the Landes coast or the beach of Estagnots make rental of boards and other equipment related to surfing.

Surf and better yet ...

Certainly, the main purpose of going to Biarritz is the practice of surfing for several travelers. But better yet, they can combine this activity with others. Indeed, it is possible to surf in the afternoon, since it is the time when the sea is really good for this practice, and do something else during the morning and evening.

For example, you can do other water sports such as kayaking, rafting, canoeing or fishing during the first part of the day. To end the day after an afternoon of surfing, you can make a gastronomic discovery in the restaurants of the big cities and taste the famous dishes of the region such as axoa, piperade, basquaise chicken, la ventrèche, the famous cake Basque with almonds, mouchous with a glass of sargano.

It is also possible to finish the day in a wellness salon for a relaxation and reflexology massage session.

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