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Water hiking for holidays

Water hiking is a game that involves walking or swimming in rivers. It is an activity that can be done with family or friends; it does not require the use of harnesses or ropes, and jumping is not mandatory. Children and beginners who swim will have the opportunity to enjoy a fun and refreshing increase in water. More information : . It is practiced on mountain bikes, in summer, and especially during heating, and to hike in the water, you will need equipment: life jacket, wetsuit, helmet, special shoes. This equipment can be found in several sports shops. It is mandatory to use the necessary equipment due to the extremely slippery and often unstable terrain and rocks. The choice of equipment is then based on a safety measure.

Choose a romantic weekend

Our RTT days are over. Kids It's your turn to get a long weekend for a lover! This year, abandoned the French Riviera or the Normandy coast. The shores of your youth will perish. Alsace, Bordeaux and also the Loire Valley, the choice was difficult among all the wine tours . One thing is certain, you don't intend to stop. You can contact professionals, to choose your weekend in a vineyard. Discover some of the appellations. From classes to cellar visits, you will meet the winegrowers who produce your favourite wines. At nightfall, avoid hotels of all kinds and develop your expertise by sleeping in the heart of farms, even in castles or guest rooms.

Learn to sail as a family

On vacation, you quickly feel the need to make bubbles on the shore. And if we enjoyed interesting activities on the sand and in the water. Whether you are an excellent sportsman or a sportswoman, we will find a water game that meets our requirements. Are you planning to sail? There are so many reasons. Sailing is an inspiring sport that is progressing in many ways... and the pleasure it provides is only one of many benefits. Although boating is an excellent medium, it requires a higher degree of involvement of recreational boating than any other type. By learning to sail, you will not only understand all the facets of your boat, but you will also discover the reaction of your boat in its environment: wind, weather... That's why sailing is really rewarding: the feeling of having accomplished something.

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