Do you know Versailles ?

A trip to France in proper shape will necessarily go through Versailles. Many sites are waiting for travel enthusiasts to the region with the assurance of an unusual journey. When we think of Versailles, is his castle comes first tickle. Only Versailles is a complete tourist site that will make delight people both through its many entertainment, but also through its culture.

It's on Versailles

Versailles is a unique destination for exclusive travel in france thanks to its many attractions and its many sights. The first is probably the Palace of Versailles, but not that. Indeed, one will also find good attractions at the Petit Trianon, which is part of the estate of Marie Antoinnette. Also, the Hamlet of the Queen is almost as famous as the castle and will be mandatory visit. Of course, if small, there is also the highball part of the castle park too. If we spend the evening at Versailles, we also note the splendid beauty of the great night waters is a unique spéctacle. Also on the estate of Marie Antoinnette, the temple of love will be a perfect destination for lovers too. Also, other monuments parfairont culture of everyone who will go to Versailles.

The Palace of Versailles

The castle which can be found at Versailles is probably one of the most famous landmarks in France. This is, of course, the most taken destination when we go to Versailles. This is easily explained by the beauty and the attractions offered by the castle itself. First, the castle itself is a masterpiece with unparalleled beauty. In its surroundings, you will find the park that is just beautiful. With its large garden, too, we find the appolon basin in Versailles which is an example of architectural expertise. Inside the castle also contains a history of hand like the King's room that we can visit as we please. The orangery is also a part of the Versailles garden will be beautiful to see.

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